Sunday, December 16, 2012

Site specific mural #2

Views of new vinyl mural in progress and 98% finished .

Kali and the redemtion song.

It is a re-creation of the 3d installation I did a while back; plus added scientific info for the science kids at the honors college @FAU.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New wall mural at FAU. This was a collaboration project I started in the library to help student writers get their work out there in the public.

This first one is by poet Peter Bui. Birds are Nice did all graphics.

We shall see if anymore develop.

Come round for a look.
FAU Jupiter Library. By the elevator : )

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Group show in Miami

Birds are Nice will be participating in the group show
Nov 4, 2012 - Jan 15, 2013
MDC Center Gallery
(Wolfson Campus)
300 N.E. Second Ave.
Building 1, 3rd Floor
Miami, Florida

This show is a collaboration between artists and writers to produce a series of broadsheets.
(12 x 18" works on paper combining image and text)
Some of the notable artist included are Tom Virgin, Kari Snyder, Rosemarie Chiarlone, and many others.
Excited to have been invited to participate.
My collaboration is words by Diane Arrieta/ design images by Birds are Nice.

I will post images closer to the show date. It will be up for art Basel, so anyone in town stop by!

Friday, April 13, 2012

vote for me!

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See my work up in lights in times square!

Thanks and remember...

Birds are Nice

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birds in the Hood (aka my house is not for sale)

This is my piece for the upcoming group show.

Description: This installation is a statement about the destruction and degradation of vital Tropical forest regions all over the world. Vital ecosystem services are being depleted; while carbon emissions from cutting down the rainforest continue to rise. Congruently, species are being lost at alarming rates. In the latest assessment in 2011; 2,082 species of birds are in urgent need of conservation action.

Birds in the Hood utilizes the shopping cart as an icon representing consumer demands; which is the main driver for biodiversity loss around the world. The latest trend in trying to curb deforestation is placing an economic value on these forests; essentially, making them a valid commodity in the marketplace.

The use of video footage of birds (replacing living specimens) metaphorically represents the shrinking avian populations and disappearing natural world. Perhaps in the near future, the only way to view birds will be via archival video footage.

Birds are Nice is taking this opportunity to align with Greenpeace in an effort to focus on their Save the Sumatran Tiger Campaign. Virgin rainforest are being cut down and manufactured for products we use daily, when they all could be made from recycled paper. Let’s help stop the destruction.
Please take time to  text ‘savetigers’ to 877877; when prompted, enter email address and zip code to sign the petition. Go to their website    for more information.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Press for upcoming show

There was a great article today in the Palm Beach Daily News about my upcoming group show Outside the box II. Check it out. My piece looks different than this now though.

Whitespace, The Mordes Collection to unveil outdoor show of multimedia installations

Whitespace, The Mordes Collection already dedicates 7,500 square feet of gallery space to contemporary art. Now, Elayne and Marvin Mordes’ private collector space in West Palm Beach is turning over its grounds to art as well.

“Outside the Box” will feature 22 artists in a two-night outdoor show of site-sp       specific multimedia installation art curated by Sibel Kocabasi.

“That’s what Whitespace is about — engaging the community in conversations about contemporary art,” Elayne Mordes said. “That means all kinds of art.”

Hanne Niederhausen is creating an installation made of books in the parking lot. TD Gillispie is erecting a house visitors can walk into on the lawn. Jade Henderson is designing a wavelike artwork that will emerge from the lake behind the building.

Most of the artists live in Palm Beach County. They’re creating the pieces at their own expense.

“We don’t have many things like this happening around here,” said Kocabasi, a Lake Worth-based artist and curator. “There are a lot of great artists living in Palm Beach County. This is a good opportunity for them to get their work out.”

It’s also a chance for artists to experiment with different ways of making art, she said.

Tequesta artist Diane Arrieta is exhibiting a “sustainability piece” under her pseudonym Birds Are Nice, which she uses when she exhibits works with an environmental message.

She and Jupiter artist Jackie Kern collaborated to make Birds in the Hood, which features a wrapped tree growing out of a shopping cart. A portable DVD player in the one of the branches plays a movie of birds in a nest, complete with chirping.

“It’s about how consumerism is driving biodiversity loss,” said Arrieta, who is pursuing an advanced degree in biodiversity and wildlife health. If the trend isn’t arrested, “the only way we’ll be able to see birds in the future is through archived video footage,” she said.

West Palm Beach artist Sam Perry has exhibited his paintings frequently at area galleries. For the Whitespace show, he’s creating a 17-minute animated film, a new medium for him.

The film evolved from his Starbucks series, paintings and sketches derived from his hours spent people-watching at places such as the Starbucks on Clematis Street and Harold’s A Coffee Lounge in Northwood.

“It’s about the informal social interactions people have when they’re in public places” he said.

The film is set to an electronic score composed by local musicians John and Bill Storch and sound effects Perry found online. It will be projected on a wall outside the entrance.

The Mordeses opened their collection to the public on select dates four years ago and began exhibiting curated projects three years ago. This season, they doubled the number of public viewing days and mounted even more shows.

Attendance has likewise doubled. “When that happens, I feel we’re going in the right direction,” Mordes said.

Whitespace’s galleries also will be open during the outdoor show. On view are selections from the Mordeses’ collection and temporary shows of large-scale photographs by Nathalie Edenmont, paintings and ceramic works by Claudia Alvarez, and paintings by Marty Kelly.

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