Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birds in the Hood (aka my house is not for sale)

This is my piece for the upcoming group show.

Description: This installation is a statement about the destruction and degradation of vital Tropical forest regions all over the world. Vital ecosystem services are being depleted; while carbon emissions from cutting down the rainforest continue to rise. Congruently, species are being lost at alarming rates. In the latest assessment in 2011; 2,082 species of birds are in urgent need of conservation action.

Birds in the Hood utilizes the shopping cart as an icon representing consumer demands; which is the main driver for biodiversity loss around the world. The latest trend in trying to curb deforestation is placing an economic value on these forests; essentially, making them a valid commodity in the marketplace.

The use of video footage of birds (replacing living specimens) metaphorically represents the shrinking avian populations and disappearing natural world. Perhaps in the near future, the only way to view birds will be via archival video footage.

Birds are Nice is taking this opportunity to align with Greenpeace in an effort to focus on their Save the Sumatran Tiger Campaign. Virgin rainforest are being cut down and manufactured for products we use daily, when they all could be made from recycled paper. Let’s help stop the destruction.
Please take time to  text ‘savetigers’ to 877877; when prompted, enter email address and zip code to sign the petition. Go to their website    for more information.

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