Monday, April 18, 2016

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Birds are Nice
Take me to Church: the preaching of Steven Seagal

This installation borrows certain ritual aspects from the Catholic Church while hinting at current societal worship of the Hollywood culture and the obsession with fame. This piece builds on my current themes of environmental justice and biodiversity awareness.

Take me to Church: The Preaching of Steven Seagal highlights two speeches from his 1994 film On Deadly Ground and 1997 film Fire Down Below because they were offering a direct look at big industry and the destruction of our natural resources at the cost of human health (for the poor and for indigenous cultures). These films were very true to real life events. It is hard to believe that almost 20 years later, these films are still very relevantthe issues addressed in the films are still a very large concern.

Included in this installation is series of portraits depicting six Female patron saints, all chosen because they have been associated with caring for the environment and animals. Without animals, our natural systems begin to lose resilience and begin to fail. With the rapid decline of natural areas and increased anthropogenic destruction of ecosystems, this work is calling on a higher power to offer intervention and help build a dialog about the importance of protecting species, ecosystemsand mitigating catastrophic deterioration and rapidly changing natural systems that regulate our ecosystem services (e.g. clean air; fresh water; carbon sequestration and climate control).

This installation is meant to invoke a spiritual connection to the environment and all of the creatures and components that comprise a healthy ecosystem. Throughout history, saints have been protectors of animals and the environment. Women in society are viewed as the mother, the protector, in charge of provisionsthis work features female patron saints and their connections to the natural world [mirroring society]. Women and children bare a disproportionate burden from environmental degradation, while playing a major role in global protection and direct use from environmental services. These patron saints are offering protection and guidance. Welcome to the chapel of Birds are Nice.

The earth is our grandmother. 

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