Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Birds are Nice now showing in Wynwood

What Happens in the Forest, Doesn’t Stay in the Forest
By Birds are Nice

Product 81/gallery
2930 NW 7th Ave

Sponsored by the #Start Program at #WayneAckersFord #Fordistas

This exhibition deals with the plight of animals and ecosystems in their struggle with humans. Living off of a consumer based, human-centric treatment of the planet for decades. We are now faced with real dilemmas affecting our basic health and well-being. Wild ecosystems and animals provide a buffer for human health. Unregulated abuse, habitat fragmentation, and urban sprawl are among the many problems that are fuelling extreme weather patterns, climate change, unprecedented species extinction rates, and an increasing rise of infectious disease prevalence. The more animals that go extinct, the faster our problems increase. This artwork highlights endangered [or vulnerable] species that are struggling to survive.

Birds are Nice (USA-Czech/German/Native American) was raised in Western Pennsylvania and currently resides in South Florida. She holds a BFA in ceramic sculpture (Florida Atlantic University, FL) and an MSc in Wildlife Health (University of Edinburgh’s School of Medicine and Veterinarian Medicine, U.K.).

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